Getting Started

Walk a potential customer through your process. Start from the beginning and describe how you size up a new project, and set it up for success.


Performing the Work

Sell your customer on what you do best! Talk about the personal level of care your business provides. It helps to distinguish your small business from the faceless corporate companies.


Finishing with Style

Describe the follow-through.
Tell your potential customers how you'll check up on them and make sure your service is performing as they expect. Declare your commitment to excellence!


When potential customers visit your website for the first time, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention, and make an impression. Do this with concise and eloquent statements about your business.

Focus on answering the most common questions on your homepage. Highlight some of your defining products or services and encourage people to dive deeper into the site by linking off to other pages in your content.

Lists are Great

  • Use lists to highlight your certifications
  • List product features and benefits. This will make the content easier to scan and compare.
  • List things the customer will need to do or know before starting a process.

And so are ordered lists

  1. Use ordered list to describe a process with multiple steps
  2. Use them any time your listing a certain number of items
  3. For example: Here are 3 recommendations for ordered lists